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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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park is the park and i were were pleased it happened next to time warner cable arena. cmpd initially responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call. when officers arrived he found a man lying in the parking not suffering from gunshot wins pretty was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police have is possible suspect. a person is being questioned right now. no charges have been filed at this point. police are saying this was not a random act of violence. they say it appears the shooting stemmed from an argument. detectives were here earlier to look for more clues to the shooting victim was considered to have life-threatening injuries but his condition has improved. if you have any information you're asked to contact crime stoppers. bill: definitely concerned to have that happen mellow that they like that. we'll have updates on the story as it comes into our newsroom as the night goes on. carlotte's former mayor appears in court did this time it was on
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we have team coverage for you on this one. let's send it over to jenna caiazzo pages joining us like to break down what happened has patrick cannon stood before a judge today. >> hey bill. of course this is a big deal for the media who have been following the former mayor and through the trials and tribulations and now his time in federal prison for this is the first time he's been back here in charlotte since november of 2014 and his attorney tells us he has spent the time behind bars reflecting but what we did won't change because of his attempting to vote. as the first time former mayor patrick cannon has been in charlotte since november 2014 courtroom. >> patrick cannon pleaded guilty to voter fraud after he attempted to vote in valentine for early voting in october of 2014.
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staff at a voting precinct and consequently his vote didn't count but that didn't stop prosecutors from pressing state charges against him. >> you are pleading guilty to attempted voting without having restored your citizenship. >> you is never told out loud that he couldn't vote and went to cast us out -- ballot with his wife like he has done many times before. >> when he went to the polls that day he was doing what he had done countless times as a citizen and that is to cast a vote. >> because he had been convicted of corruption for accepting bribes while holding the mayor's position he was a convicted felon at the time he voted giving up his rights to citizenship. >> his citizenship rights have been taken away after he was sentenced.
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about the consequences. judge urban hearing both sides and even apology from cannon himself urban landing on the substance that would affect his prison time? >> it's one of those things that happened. the vote was never counted and no harm is was actually done and mr. cannon does accept full responsibility for what happened. >> canon spent the night in the mecklenburg county john will be back in west virginia in his federal prison site in a day or two. >> i want to thank you for the opportunity to come here under these circumstances but i want to apologize to the court for doing so and i want to thank the court for indulging me in this process. thank you. >> to explain his symptoms he tried to vote in the state election. that means his charges were
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his federal sentence which means people have to spend additional time -- he won't have to spend any additional time in the jail. robin kanady was outside addressing what his lawyers on his defense side in what the prosecution had to say that she standing by live on the other side of the courthouse. hey robin. >> hey jenna. canon's attorney said this was a quick visit to charlotte for his clients. cannon was brought in through a tunnel that connects the jail across the street with the courtroom. now a jail spokesperson would not tell us if cannon's family has been to visit him or if he is in a holding cell by himself. that spokesperson did say there was not a separate holding cell for federal prisoners. >> what is your name sir?
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office by now former charlotte mayor patrick cannon returns as a federal prisoner pleading guilty to another crime, voter fraud rate. >> absolutely i didn't -- he didn't get this offer because to be was. see that that's assistant district attorney reed hundt's talking about cannon's plea deal deal. one day in prison for guilty plea to a misdemeanor voter fraud charge but cannon won't have to serve extra time behind bars because as of voter fraud sentence will run at the same time as his 44 month federal sentence that he is currently serving for taking bribes while in office. cannon was already convicted felon for that crime when he tried to cast an early ballot that didn't count in the november 2014 elections. >> he was very forthright in midway did. >> canon camera to charlotte from a prison to face of voter fraud charge. cannon's attorney said his client didn't know he couldnt
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serving his sentence. >> take crime quote unquote of status within the crime of conduct. mr. cannon was doing what is it. >> the prosecution to cannon's intentions are irrelevant. >> a dozen weather was an accident or done on purpose just the act of voting when you are not eligible is a crime. cannon plans to return to charlotte once he's finished finished serving a sentence that doesn't know exactly what his clients future holds but he says can and will never really be a freeman. >> i say today no matter what your sentencing as you go through criminal procedure today. the consequences never go away. >> canon's attorney was asked about talk that his client could be moved to a halfway house sometime this summer.
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a response that he does not have an exact date but he hopes his client will be moved as soon as possible. like at the mecklenburg county courthouse tonight robin kanady fox 46 wjzy. bill: we asked how one can and would be inside the mecklenburg county jail and his attorney told us he would be going back to west virginia in a day or two. we also reached out to the sheriff department asking if cannon's status as a former mayor would have a bearing on whether or not he is put in a cell with other inmates. he said all factors are being considered and that it includes intimate behavior as well as his charges. >> today i'm nominating chief judge merrick garland to join the supreme court. [applause] bill: president obama making good on his promise to nominate a supreme court justice to replace the late incident scalia. merrick garland is currently chief justice of the d.c. court of appeals and a surveyor since back in 1997.
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whole lot of resistance from the republicans. a little bit later in the show you will find out how local and federal government officials are responding to the president's nomination. this just in for tonight south carolina governor nikki haley is backing senator ted cruz for president according to the post-courier peer post-courier peer.the trump on the south carolina primary with 32% republican candidate ted cruz finished up in second place with 22% of those. the backing comes one day after florida senator marco rubio decided to drop out of the race following a crushing loss in his home state of florida. the results from a north carolina primaries are officially in and it was donald trump and hillary clinton picking up the wins for their respective parties. clinton won the democratic contest in florida and ohio and on the republican side drumbeat out texas senator ted cruz with
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illinois. it was actually record-setting primary night for the state of north carolina. elections officials say they saw the highest primary numbers, listen to this comment state history. 2.3 million people voted yesterday to guess about 35% of all the registered voters out there. officials say the strongly contested presidential races is what they believe brought out all these voters. governor pat mccrory was in charlotte to thank north carolina voters were proving a 2 billion-dollar bond package. the connect connectivity bond won two-thirds of the vote. the decision means the state will borrow $2 billion to fund all sorts of projects many of which will be right here in the charlotte area are that includes money for improvements at unc charlotte as well as routers mountains state park to the governor said the bond will not require a tax hike in and the next step in this is to make sure the money gets used efficiently. >> to build buildigs that are
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efficient, cost efficient and adaptive learning environments not just today but for the next 50 to one of your years. bill: part of his bond package with $70 million to go to the national guard river structure improvements and $94 million to build a brand-new agriculture and consumer sciences lab. the 77 polling controversy just threw a wrench in the voting third represent charles dieter suites by with a 28 a margin for his home district of 92 webster western michael burke county. today his opponent tom davis is calling for recounts. taking a look at the election map is pretty clear people affected by the tolling projects were clearly sending a message for the way they cast their >> this contract is for 50 or so we are looking at somebody who's going to do the right thing for us for 50 years not just is
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>> was a leader than some of these people would have liked me to be? absolutely it's a fair criticism but in this day and age would you rather have a politician who are not willing to change their mind when they get new information? bill: there are thousands of provisional absentee ballots that haven't been counted but before the official results come out tuesday according to the mecklenburg county board of elections once that happens davis will have 48 hours to officially call for a recount but those results will have to come in within 1% of you wants to do so. a pretty impressive smash and right here in charlotte. thieves targeting a local business in the 37 or block of try on, you can see the robert go into the building the owners of a1 concepts got a phonecall broke and took four classes learning.
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security cameras showed a man man ran into the finder and the thieves were able to get away with thousands of dollars worth of cell phones shoes clothing and other other technology pay the owners of the business say the front windows and the doors will be what cost the most repairs and they will have to shut down for reconstruction. >> people try kids to take advantage of us in the community. it hurts us and our families. bill: the owners to have insurance. obviously very disheartening as it stands right now that you plan to keep their business and the charlotte community. the matthews man is in serious trouble with the law. listen to this, he is accused of threatening to kill u.s. senator. papers reveal 62-year-old rowland dodge, jr. called the u.s. senator sean cullen's office and asked to speak them. in turn picked up up the phone
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an affidavit shows dodds left a message saying that senator raises taxes he would kill him. dodge is charged with assault kidnap or murder of a united states official. the catholic church is protesting plans for a new costco in mooresville. the developer wants to build the store and exit 35 a vice 77. the pastor saint theresa catholic church wrote a letter to the mayor. pastor curtis says the project would devastate middle-class communities near the site. commissioners are planning to hold public hearing and vote on a rezoning proposal which will be needed to build a shopping center. an act of heroism is just another damage up for this police officer you see right there. you will meet him. he saved an elderly woman and he's talking to us at fox 46. that story still to come right
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>> we are at 84 degrees and that's the highest image of the day. we have cold front moving through and that will bring us
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we will bill: welcome back a local teen is officer rescues an unconscious elderly woman and we at the 911 call is the one pleas
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neima abdulahi sat down with the officer. >> gadston county police police officer john kaiser went into burning, after dispatchers told them an elderly woman was stuck inside. >> first it was get the door open in the second was to get the debris moved in the third was to get to her and the fourth was to get her out of there. >> 71-year-old sandor brandon called 911 asking for help. >> they are coming. >> we got ahold of the 911 call from gaston county pd where she tells the dispatcher she is disabled and can't find her cane. >> i can't get out. >> offers are kaiser was the first on the scene to the woman's home in bessemer city. he started kicking through the backdoor and found the elderly woman unresponsive. >> when i first or she was lying on her back.
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she was nonresponsive. her eyes were opened eyes were open but she can speak to us. >> he said the heavy smoke and debris was overwhelming to get through but he got her out within minutes. she is now the spartanburg regional hospital where she is currently listed in critical condition. the officer said what he did should not be considered heroic. he said he was just doing his job. >> somewhere there's a firefighter or police officer in the doing this right now so it's part of the job. you don't anticipate doing it every day but when your you're asked to do a tedious good enough. >> good enough. >> offers are kaiser cities never experienced a rescue like this before and he's glad he could help before the situation got any worse. neima abdulahi fox 46 wjzy. bill: that's a great story. officer kaiser's limit the gaston county police department for two years. he hopes he dashed she will have a speeding recovery.
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there's a showed up that helped the woman until an ambulance certainly it's been a toasty day out there in the queen city pushing the mid-80s. to find out exactly how warm it will get the rest of acres chief meteorologist brian basham. what do i see you holding your hand right there? >> i always wondered about st. patrick's day lucky charms and if it's like roses and valentine's day. they sellout everywhere when we had this time of year. i'm going to have to have a nice big hole between now my next weather report that i want to mention if you're trying to plan st. patrick's day, good news is going to be grayed out there. it's going to be really nice but i want to point out things will change as we get into the friday. we will see the wind picked up and then we will get that -- it's been warm out there and they will be back to reality as we head into the weekend.
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for this time of year, 83. we blew right by it and hit 86. the last time without arm as 1945. he started the day at 59 silly crazy warm day from start to finish. if you are spending time outdoors you are probably toasty. we picked up to cover out there that will help keep the temperatures cooler as we head into the next couple of hours but keep in mind we are coming off, not just here but across most of the area from lincolnton 83 cells very 82 and places like agree statesville in morganton around 80 degrees as well. if you want cooler weather you will be able to find if i have to jump into the mountains to do so. we had a cold front pushed through the area today so was very weak. we saw cloud buildup there are the tiny potential to see rain. it certainly did not happen. thursday will be nice and sunny but late in the day on thursday
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front on a lot of moisture. it will blow through and leave us dry heading into friday but we will see the winds picking up behind it talking gusts of 25 to 30 miles an hour friday. if you are an allergy sufferer it will probably fairly uncomfortable for you. tonight 50 degrees a little bit cooler than it was last night and then of course thursday st. patrick's day we will come in at 76. the winds aren't too bad out of the west at five to 10 miles an hour mostly sunny to partly cloudy. in 10 minutes i will show you seven-day forecast. several warnings and you are probably not going to like the temperatures. >> brian thank you. coming up one day after super
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live on fox 46 bill: welcome back. a record number of north carolina voters to the polls
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choices for the presidential candidates. hillary clinton easily won over bernie sanders while donald trump still rolling over all the republicans. fox rather than sister and i joining us to talk about this. thank you so much for joining us great to see you. i'm sure will shock you but i want to talk about donald trump 814 more states last night including north carolina. he is really dominating the south. why do you think that is? >> he has been clobbering them. isn't just the south. he is one of number of states besides the south. loki is tapping into a lot of dissatisfaction across the country in the republican party respond. a lot of people are angry and they want to throw the bum out. anyone who has served as a congressional politician. he also makes his promisesto people and he says he would make america great again and that resonates a lot of americans.
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trump is winning. bill: the story of the night marco rubio deciding to suspend his campaign paid a one point he was one of the gop favors going in. where d.c. has poured supporters rally behind him? it's hard to believe they would go around trump. >> bill you are right there not likely to go to donald trump. here's the other thing coming doesn't have a lot of supporters. he only won minnesota so it's not as though there's a lot to be divvied up with marco rubio. i think to the extent he will have any impact it will be the state of pennsylvania. at the end of april they had their primary -- have their primary and governor john kasich is hoping to win there. governor john kasich was born near krupp there are periods next to all ohio and it's not a big delegate count. should he win in pennsylvania will give him the magic number of 1207 delegates but that's a big chunk of delegates in that case again when it makes it more
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reach that number. that is where you will see a chance that somebody else might win a winner-take-all with substantial numbers making it more difficult for donald trump to get his numbers. right now donald trump is on his way to get all the delegates. he needs 1037 but a lot can happen between now and then. l speaking of governor kasich he was able to win his first day taking his home state of ohio. how important was that for trumps competition to get to this broke her convention and if they are able to somehow get their how do you see american voters are reacting? >> i think they have a much different narrative if donald trump had won ohio and the republican can win the presidency in november they await the electoral college is set up unless he or she wins florida and ohio. that would have been a good sign for donald trump had he won ohio. that's not to take away from his other great wins. he got a tub of rate wins. he is on a roll and doing very
6:27 pm
bit more difficult than it does give oxygen tube governor john kasich. governor kasich would have been like center review. if rubio lost florida he was out of and of governor kasich lost ohio he would have been out. a much smoother path for trump to get to the convention. makes it difficult for donald trump am only get to the convention the republican convention in cleveland ohio in late july is going to likely be contested and of governor kasich has a lot of delegates they will give him more power than the party. all bets are off when we get to this broke her convention that we knows for sure but i will say one thing if we go to a brokered convention donald trump has almost a 1237 but not enough so it has to be brokered. i would be surprised if they don't get the non-mission to donald trump and come november supporters will go out in both for whoever is the nominee of the republican party because
6:28 pm
trump eight my guess is they feel the party elites have somehow push their candidate out of the way unfairly but i think that's a problem for the republican party come november. bill: plenty of chama on the republican side. hillary clinton dominate the last night. she like trump dominating the south. you kind of see this as the beginning of may be the nail in bernie's coffin? he is struggling with the delegates, isn't he? >> is indeed and it was important that hillary win illinois. there's something about winning your home state and it's a northern state. i think bernie sanders is not going to get the nomination. unless something happens to secretary clinton she now has the nomination locked up however senator bernie sanders is going to stay in their till the bitter end because when it comes time to have the convention neither she has a number of delegates he will want to have influence on the democratic platform.
6:29 pm
between now and the convention. at least i don't think so but if something happens to secretary clinton if she is vulnerable with this e-mail scandal, things sanders. right now looks like secretary clinton, she has a lot of bruises. bernie sanders has given her run for money. hasn't been easy to lock up these delegates but it looks like she's on the way to getting the numbers he needs. bill: last question before you wrap up a big announcement from president obama announcing his precourt there are supreme court nomination of merrick garland. coming into this a lot of people expecting obama would announce a nominee that was the minority, somebody progressive. what do you see with this choice? >> i think what president obama is his constitutional duties says he shall nominate someone. nominated someone he thought
6:30 pm
senate because he had been confirmed in 1997. six or seven senators voting for him are in the u.s. senate and i think he picked a more moderate candidate for the bench because he was hoping to get his candidate on the bench. if he gets a more progressive one the chances him him getting a republican senator virtually none. think the reason the president nominated someone who is more moderate is because he was hearing and confirm him. bill: some great information. credit thank you for joining us tonight. it was great seeing you. have a good one. >> thank you bill. still to come tonight president obama announcing his pick to replace justice scalia and the supreme court. we were just talking about this. we will find a listen up republicans say they will block the choice until after the election. hey ryan. >> hey bill just as you got use to those warm temperatures things are changing.
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doe welcome back great president obama has officially named his supreme court nomination. he did it at the white house had decided on judge merrick garland is his picture place is his pick to replace the late justice antonin scalia. as caroline shively reports -- judge merrick garland is described as a center-right moderate on the bench. best known for overseeing the prosecution of the unibomber and the investigation to be up on the city bombing. >> trust the justice will be done in our courts without prejudice or partisanship is wet and a large part distinguishes this country from others. at present, praising his new nominee for the supreme court but the 32 republicans that voted to confirm girl and when he was supported to the circuit
6:34 pm
>> he earned overwhelming bipartisan praise from senators and legal experts alike to. >> at the moment announcement senate republicans pointed out that this time around garland's nomination is going nowhere nowhere. smith is president will not fill this vacancy. the senate will not confirm this nominee. opposing lawmakers say it's not about garland's qualifications. about the process referring to the time-honored tradition under both republicans and democrats do not confirm a nominee during a presidential election season. >> it seems clear president obama made this nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. >> meantime judicial watchdogs appear split on the present spec. >> the goal missed nominations to get a fifth sol of the breaux to join the four liberals on the court radius proven himself to be a respected jurist during his tenure on the d.c. circuit.
6:35 pm
has not been nominated and confirmed during a presidential election year since 1940. that's a 76'ers. center republicans they won't you broken this year but in washington caroline shively "fox news." bill: a statement on the present supreme court nomination saying americans deserve to have a voice in who the next supreme executive director dallas would have says quote effect is for more than 80 years there has not been a nomination and confirmation to the supreme court during a presidential election year. president obama and his democrat allies would rather ignore and nearly 100 year president in attempt to tip the balance of the court into nine voters in the process. the gorgeous but warm day out there in the charlotte area. brian i have one important question. i'm supposed to be golfing on friday. how my looking up there? >> friday will be good but it will be gusty out there's a keep
6:36 pm
you have to hook or slice periods l i have a slice. >> we are going to add to it. maybe the wind is blowing into the slice but the good news is the rain will hold off until we get into the weekend that will% be tried tonight thursday and friday but saturday a 40% chance of rain and sunday up to a 50% chance. still at this point it doesn't look like it's going to be heavy rain but they will track track back for you and let you know if that changes. i would definitely enjoy mentioned the big-time wind gust. here's away looking at on futurecast one more for the cold nonplayer. a few clouds we were concerned thunderstorms. that did not happen. into their senate in friday morning another cold front comes through. this one will start to cool us off again not a lot of moisture out there. going to stay nice and dry. friday.
6:37 pm
cold front read this will keep the wins elevated to the bad credit looking at 25 to 30-mile an hour winds and the lower elevations 40 mile-per-hour gusts in the mountains on friday. this blows through and then here we go into saturday. this is almost them. we'll start to see rain chances through the mountains in the lower portions of piedmont some of the moisture moving in the south and as we go into saturday saturday night we will see rain showers in the area. paul or the next few days because of the elevated wins thursday and friday's strong high tree pollen out there but rain saturday and sunday will help take care of some of the pollen for you. again those daytime temperatures over the next seven days will be in the 70s overnight 50s. let's 50's. less of a the low temperatures, 40s and 50's tomorrow, 81 degrees and surely comes comes in a 74.
6:38 pm
conditions on friday and 72, saturday comes in at 57, 51 on sunday. overnight temperatures sunday morning starts at 39 near freezing monday morning and tuesday morning heaven for beta next week we will start spring so we will cool off and warm at tuesday 71 and sunny. >> i like the little leprechaun graphic you have there there. we'll meet one of the biggest and oldest fans of the harlem globetrotters for you will find
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6:40 pm
their up >> the harlem globetrotters breaking up the moves of the little help from their 107-year-old fan. virginia mclaurin got a welcome visit from the world-famous basketball crew at the roots public charter school to she's a woman who made headlines after she visited the white house and dance with president obama. after performing tricks and helping virginia get into the
6:41 pm
very own jersey marked with the number 107. >> really excited. i didn't think i would ever get to meet them by a wise watch them. i used to try to do what they would do with the ball. >> i hope i look like that when i get to 107. the donation is part of a year-long 90th anniversary celebration. would you consider yourself one fans? if you do yours certainly not big as they are coming back to charlotte. we ever take us to check them out. all you do is log onto her face with age to win an awesome band package. that is it hold marie on personal bonds continue with this march madness tradition. he laid out his bracket strategy and this year there prisoners
6:42 pm
michigan state and unc headed to the final four. he is producing a kansas would be the one to win the national for the tar heel fans out there. the president picked north carolina correctly his first year of office in 2009 by the essence selected the winner in the past six brackets. we have logan sherrill joining us tonight. have? >> was crazy bill is time tomorrow the brackets are going to be completely destroyed. i'm predicting that right now. i also have no clue on -- but i
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
preview >> welcome back. collect the calm before the storm. the night before the madness. the next 48 hours bite scratch and claw to be the last man standing when the clock hits zero in houston on april 4 pick to those teams have a shot at the title duke and carolina. you know what they say you have to get hot at the right time and the heels might be doing that right now. roy's boys have won five straight including the acc championship against fellow number one seed in the tournament virginia saturday. unc will take on the playing game winner and number 16 seed for the gulf coast tomorrow in
6:46 pm
hill. 16 has never been a one. the heels 22-point favorites in this game but williams came close while he was coaching kansas to losing two s. 16 seed so we never look past the first game. >> the expectation that one could lose 216 and i think we came as close as anybody for long time ago. i think it was 2002 when i was coaching kansas and we played lacrosse. i don't never concerned myself with where the other team is seeded over where seated. we have been to a couple of final fours and we have gone as one seed in the three seat in a probably a couple of others to mag. >> what about the darker shade of blue? do you will begin their title defense rent tomorrow in providence rhode island. in true david versus goliath matchup duke will face unc paul mitton who have for tournament appearances. duke has five national titles
6:47 pm
above 20 points per contest. this duke team poised to make a deep run in march. >> our team is healthier than it has been over the last two weeks and we are in spring break right now so that it's helped us as far as travel, practice and getting rest so we are excited to play. >> let's take a peek because some of these matchups here. duke not guaraneed a win. number 14 seed mercer to unc w. may have upset all the mud pit that game at 12:15 through the florida gulf coast got there by winning their conference as a number four seed so they know a thing or two about the media does. that game at 720 night. to the mba the charlotte hornets led one of the hottest teams over the last month.
6:48 pm
and of course ended monday with a loss to dallas and before the hornets get back in the win column they had win column they had to get past the physical orlando magic team for tonight is the final game of the franchise longest homestand which the member mark vii. the hornets 25-10 are holding soap or this season have a good shot at making 26 with one of the best players-within it injury. the hornets going with the matchup expecting to see a scrappy division rival on the outside of the playoff picture still fighting for their postseason lives. >> it's gets their discipline of play. it's their safes defensively and their ball movement and energy level on offense but you have to execute -- execute both ends of the foreigner to play well.
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you will want to think twice before drinking and driving after st. patrick's day celebrations because date officials and cmpd kicked off their booze it or lose a campaign. tolerance for drunk drivers. they have a message for anyone planning on hitting the town >> we know forecastle glammed party and drink and partake that we want to make sure they make
6:52 pm
behind the wheel after they have had anything to drink rated spill are sure to get a designated driver or colin uber- or a or lyft to make sure you get home safely. it's certainly that time of the year again. teams of elementary schools go head-to-head on questions from everything from bikes to swimming to fire safety pick 38th annual charlotte mccumber iyer and life safety old was held at friendship missionary baptist church radio measure schools chose teams of five since of five suits to precipitate the teams get a manual material in january and after weeks of study sessions the 25 teams battle it out. >> they learn about our jobs and neighborhood safety is and how to take care of themselves. this age is a great time to learn the responsibility to beware of safety and for them to compete against one another is where the excitement comes in. whether they win or lose they are all excited because they learn something.
6:53 pm
academy taking on second and in third community charter school paid all those winning teams get a cash prize for their schools
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
safety bowl held in april >> welcome back to if you are thinking about st. patrick's day and if you are not sure about going it keep in mind the weather will be perfect but if
6:56 pm
75 now prayed friday doesn't look as good, gusty up to 25 to 30 minor wind gust. look at the drop off 15 degrees from friday into saturday and saturday a good chance of rain. 40% and then 50% on sunday and sunday we are we are back into the 30s in the overnight and we have three consecutive days that we are fair but sunshine next week and tuesday and wednesday temperatures will climb again. >> talking march madness, ran
6:57 pm
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rings ] honeydew, what's up? guess who's here. your dad! [ laughs ] he drove his r.v. all the way up from cocoa beach. hey, son. working hard? he's gonna say, "hardly working." [ chuckles ] i meant to tell you he was driving out. did he say it? oh, yeah! [ chuckles ] good kid! he wasn't supposed to show up for a few more days. well, guess what he brought us. a keep. yes! yes. yes, i should have told claire about the dog. and i was going to. but i-i was just waiting for her to be in the right mood. actually, i did get one "right mood" a couple nights ago, but...i cashed that in for something else. am i in trouble? oh, really, really big. okay, i'm a little scared. how bad is this? oh, well...
7:00 pm
no sleeping in the bedroom. mr. pritchett? ben. ben dugan. i went to high school with mitch. we were in the drama club together. that's right. yeah. geez, i didn't recognize you without that old-guy makeup on. you know, you and mitch knocked "the sunshine boys" out of the park. mitch was really great in that. i always thought he should be an actor. eh, he's got a real job now. he's a lawyer. ah. how about you? still acting. fantastic. actually, it's exciting. i'm in a new movie -- "maple drive" -- just came out. you're kidding me. look at me -- i know somebody famous. uh, anyway, i got to go. great to see you. good to see you, too. yeah. kid's a movie star. hey, how'd it go in there? no cavities, and i got a free toothbrush. hey, you want to go to the movies? i just heard about a good one. but i'm supposed to be in school. you're supposed to floss, too, but you got away with that one. come on. let's go. one of the greatest days of my life was when my old man sprung me from school and took me to the track.


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